• Declaration of Partner
  • Declaration of Arborist

Trees are our wealth

Trees constitute an asset which we - as stewards of our possession - highly appreciate. Our objective is to preserve the prospective trees and to provide a high-quality treatment for all valuable trees. If a tree have to be cut down we compensate for them by planting new trees if possible or by providing additional treatment to other trees.

Trees can be dangerous

Trees might pose a risk which we do not underestimate and try to minimize it. Although is not possible to prevent every failure of a tree or its part by regular inspections and quality care we try to minimize their consequences.

Tree care

  • Assessment of our trees is carried out by specialists (ISA certified arborists or equally qualified and experienced professionals) using advanced methods for visual tree inspection.
  • Tree risk assessment is among our priorities. For this reason we try to replenish the tree inventory database every year.
  • We publish the basic information about trees managed by us on the Check Trees portal.
  • Treatment of our trees and planting of new trees is carried out only by arboricultural or landscape gardening companies with qualified employees.
  • In cases when felling trees is required we provide appropriate compensation to ensure sustainability of the tree population.
  • As an arborist company we cooperate with arborist consultants when assessing state of trees we treat and when developing tree-care plans.
  • We provide our clients with possibility to publish data about the assessed and treated trees on the Check Trees portal. We record the cable bracings installed by us on this portal.
  • We aim to obtain certifications for our arborist workers in some of the certification programmes.